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Tokyo, Japan


$45 000

WiFi Availability : yes

cab Availability : yes

Food Availability : yes

Ac : yes


Tokyo is the capital of Japan and it mixes the ultra modern and the classical, from neon-lit skyscrapers to the remarkable temples. It may not the cheapest of places to see the places in Asia; bustling Tokyo is the largest metropolitan economy in the world, even out spacing New York City.

In Tokyo the Urban marvels, talking toilets, and an aloof culture desirous to be understood to stay as soon as you leave the airport. Learning some Japanese travel ideas and that will assist you to save money during traveling in Japan. If you don't mind a lot of firms, go during the spring season to enjoy the cherry blossoms with the native.

So make a plan to travel to the Tokyo, Japan and enjoy the places with your family members with the charm Asia travel site.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Stylish Bathrooms
  • Dining
  • Swimming pools
  • Parking
  • Fitness Room
  • Choice of daily newspaper
  • Local phone calls
  • Preloaded iPod, iPad, laptop
  • Flat-screen television

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