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Rock painting

Generally, the rock paintings are designed on the rock surfaces and stone monuments in most of the regions globally by the primitive folks. The initial period has been started from the prehistoric times and it has been found on each and every continent. It is said to be that the rock carvings are more widespread than the rock paintings. These designs especially were created for the purpose of religious propitiation and sympathetic magic. Several layers of designs were superimposed and the successive styles were found. It is said to be that the rock art is to be more declined and disappeared with the advent of agriculture. At sometimes this type of painting is approached as a primitive form of writing. In some of the regions such as Europe and Africa, the style is a naturalistic one whereas in regions of Australia and America the designs are symbolic and geometric. The carvings are usually chipped out with a stone and the engraving, painting techniques are integrated. Eventually, the paintings are made with the charcoal and earth pigments such as grease, gum etc.