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Rock engravings

Generally, the term engraving means a drawing made by a sharp tool. The stone engravings are a type of parietal art rather than the type of rock art. Each and every day the archeologists are discovering the new ones. Coming to the Figurative engravings whether it is painted or not it is a predominant one throughout the Northern Spain and southern France regions, They are less striking one; on the other side of the flip, they are more numerous one. The type of engraved one is varied enormously in a huge number of ways and the rocks can be deep, wide or shallow and narrow which is dependent on the softness of the rock surface or totally it is subjected to the intention of the artist. In the present era, it has been found that the modern replication techniques stand at a good position. There are several tools sued for the rock engraving such as Sandblasting, Stencils, and Burin. The fact is that the sandblasters vary a lot in terms of size which is totally subjected to the project. Generally, the engravers use the sandblasters similar to the ink pen in order to create these precious items. The mechanics of the sandblaster are not complicated one and it is a simple concept to learn.