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Art is an activity done by the folks in a creative manner. These folks are known to be the artists. An art includes a list of painting, drawing, dance, music, poetry, and photography etc. There are several functions of arts such as cognitive function, aesthetic function, prognostic function, value function, didactic function, and recreation function.

Aboriginal art is a one with the Australian Aborigines which is settled on the Australian continent somewhere between the sixty thousand and eighty thousand years ago. The real fact is that Aboriginal culture is founded in the rock art has been dated back at least twenty thousand years. On the other side of the flip, the archaeology has dated ancient back long to fifty thousand to sixty-five thousand years.

The Aboriginal art is totally based on the storytelling by using the symbols which is an alternate method of the cultural importance. It is also the transmitting knowledge subjected to both survival and land management. Both storytelling and symbols have given the initial point for the important Aboriginal art.

These paintings are also used for the teaching purpose. Typically a painting is often used by the Aboriginal folks for the different kind of purposes and the interpretations of the symbols in the artwork vary in a huge concept. Australia has been always multicultural. There is a list of language groups and there are many unique cultural ways before the arrival of the Europeans. With a series of languages which are a unique one, cultures and the regions exist in the Aboriginal Australia; the real fact is that different regions have the unique artistic styles and use the different artist’s media at the same time.


The Artists needs special permission to paint a specific story. Where the ancient and vital stories are subjected and specifically those contain the secret or the shared data. The Traditional Aboriginal artists have no permission to paint a story that does not belong to the family lineage.

A large portion of the modern Aboriginal art is based on the vital ancient stories and the symbols are subjected to the Dreamtime. Dreamtime is a period in which the indigenous folks believe that the world was created. These stories exceed up to fifty thousand years ago and have been handed down through the generations for all those years.

Eventually, the Australian Aboriginal folks have no written language of their and hence the important central stories to the folk’s culture are totally based on the traditional symbols and the data in the artwork. The data in the artwork helps to pass on the vital data and also preserve their couture. Although it is an attractive one when compared to the Aboriginal art of the Western art movement and its origins are derived from a complete visual language.

Where Aboriginal is art created?

The Aboriginal art is a regional one in both character and style hence the traditional languages approach the art in unique ways. This type of art has been recognized for the community where it was produced. The concept of Dot Painting is subjected to the central and western desert and x-ray paintings which rise from the Arnhem Land placed in Jeato which comes from the Kimberley coast. The other stylistic variations are closer to the specific communities. Aboriginal art can be founded in both the current modern art collections and also the ethnographic collections. This is an important part of its success in communicating with the folks.

Aboriginal Arts Symbols- An important one

The Aboriginal folks do not have their own written language and hence they make use of the common symbols in their artwork. These symbols are also known as the iconography. These symbols vary from one region to another and they are easy to understand; an important part of the Australian Indigenous art. Generally, a painting like Zuket has different levels of the story which depends on the concept of stories being told to the children, initiatives or the elders. The meaning of these symbols is not the same; they can be changed depending on the context of the story subjected.

What are the colors used?

The colors used in the rock art paintings come from the naturally occurring minerals. The pigments are crushed and mixed well with the water in order to create a paste and then brushes from the reeds are used in order to apply the paint on the rock surface. Sometimes the pigments are placed in the mouth of the object and blown out of an object. The stencil effect is prevalent in some of the rock art sites. The real fact is that rock art is maintained and repainted by the descendants who originally painted it. Some of the Indigenous Australians had a good knowledge about the art of rock painting and they have the capability bridge the rock art traditions of their ancestors with the modern artistic methods.

What are Rockhole and Waterholes?

The Rockhole are the most important sources of the water for the Aboriginal people. It is not visible from the surface similar to that of the storage tanks and the folks dig down into the rock holes to find the water even when everything is dried. The Waterholes is a one which is critical to the survival in the desert and for that major reason they feature occasionally in the Aboriginal art and it is represented as the sacred places because of their importance.